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July 25, 2017     Brand Motion    

Brandmotion.io - 10 Types Of ‘Explainer Videos’ You Should Use Social Media Today

No doubt you’ve heard this before – video is the medium for social in 2017.

A quick recap:

As video continues its rise, infiltrating every corner of social media, and filling billions of hours on screens of every shape and size, Breadnbeyond has identified one type of video, in particular, that’s becoming absolutely essential for businesses to integrate into their marketing strategies: the explainer video.

In a new infographic, Breadnbeyond details three areas where you can integrate video, as well as 10 specific ways you can share your new explainer videos.

And Brand Motion helps to business create best explainer videos. Read more here…

July 21, 2017, Bob Hutchins. This post originally appeared on the BuzzPlant blog

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