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15 Actionable Tips to Increase Your YouTube Traffic

August 30, 2017    
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More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. The surprising part? Only 9% of small businesses use the site for marketing. It is time for you to increase your YouTube traffic and I am going to show you how. Most don’t immediately associate YouTube with marketing. But that’s beginning to change. Because when it comes to social media marketing, YouTube is an undeniably powerful force. After all,…    read more 

Video editing tools: How to Make Square Videos for Facebook Using PowerPoint

August 20, 2017    
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Video editing tools- How to Make Square Videos for Facebook Using PowerPoint

Let’s talk about one of non standard Video editing tools: Microsoft Power Point. Do you want to create square videos for Facebook and Instagram, or other social networks? In this post, I’ll show you how to quickly and easily make and produce square videos using Microsoft PowerPoint – no video editing expertise required. The end result is similar to that which you’d get using a paid tool like Animoto… but free. But before…    read more 

How to Make a Facebook Cover Video That Wows Visitors to Your Business Page

August 11, 2017    
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How to Make a Facebook Cover Video That Wows Visitors to Your Business Page

Do you want to know more about Facebook Cover Video? Read the article… Have you noticed that certain Facebook Page covers are… moving? It’s not your eyes playing tricks on you. Facebook began to test video covers in April 2017, and they’re slowly rolling out the feature to all Pages. Here’s Facebook’s explanation about the decision to introduce animated covers: “We’re always looking for ways to help businesses create more engaging experiences…    read more 

How To Build A Successful Live Video Marketing Plan

August 8, 2017    
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The rise of live video over the last year or so has given content marketers a powerful new weapon to add to their armory. To add to venerable email marketing, blogging, social media and static video content, marketing professionals can now add a format that brings a whole new set of benefits. Live video is urgent, interactive and exclusive. It’s also demanding. And while it’s effective by itself, it achieves its best…    read more 

6 Viral Video Marketing Examples That Will Never Get Old

August 1, 2017    
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Brandmotion.io - 6 Viral Video Marketing Examples That Will Never Get Old

Oh, hi there. Have you heard the news about video? It’s becoming really important for marketers to use. Imperative, even. Perhaps mandatory. I’m talking about Viral Video Marketing. “Sure,” you must be thinking. “And in other news, the sky is blue.” Okay, we get it. You know how important video is. That much is clear. In fact, 94% of marketers plan to add either YouTube or Facebook video to their content distribution efforts in the…    read more 

How to Start Using Video in Your Marketing

Brandmotion.io - How to Start Using Video Marketing

Whenever a new app or technology is released, marketers are among the first to experiment with it — and to start creating new content with it. That’s because marketers are constantly competing for their audience’s attention — and often by the most innovating and engaging means possible. And right now, that means creating video content. And you should have own video marketing strategy. There’s no getting around it — marketers must create…    read more