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Hey there!

Let me guess, you want to find a video footage to create a promo video for your website, landing page, social media campaign, video blog or something alike?Or maybe you don’t know how to make a promotional video and where to begin?

Either way, we’ve got your back.

No more talking about stock video footage since there are plenty of stock video websites available for you right there online. Here, at Brand Motion we offer something a little more special.

We proudly deliver our customers BRANDED LIVE ACTION promotional videos for marketing using innovative technology created in the house. We don’t want to waste your time and brag about the professional and creative side of the video production at Brand Motion, just check out the video below.

The results speak for themselves.

But in case you want to hear us bragging about how we make this magic happen, keep reading =).

The whole process of video production at Brand Motion breaks down into 2 steps :

Step 1.

We have started by gathering a team of professional directors and actors to create more than 100+ video clips. Each video was shot in a different setting to fit a particular market niche, using a variety of professional filming equipment with the precise expertise of the film crew.

Step 2.

Our innovative technology allows turning these video clips into branded live action video promotions. It works by embedding your branded logo and colours into the video clip so it looks like this video was filmed exclusively for your brand. You want to see how the logo changes its shape while moving and how branded colours fit in seamlessly?

Watch this.

Oh, you want to include audio or voice over?

No problem, we can do that too.

Quite spectacular, right?

At Brand Motion you can get professional-looking promo video like these with your own branded logo, colours and voice over/audio that naturally fit into the whole picture and become a part of the story.

When you have such opportunity why settling down for something like stock footage?

Stock video footage was here yesterday, but Brand Motion is here right now.

You’ve got no more excuses.

There is literally no limits to how you can use these videos to give your customers experience unlike any other and be sure the results will amaze them!

At Brand Motion you can get exclusive branded MPEG4 Full HD video with 1920 x 1080 resolution that looks like you’ve hired a film crew to make it all happen.

In reality, the filming process of such videos is much more complex. It will cost you thousands of dollars to hire a crew of professionals, arrange the locations and settings, buy the required equipment and so on and so forth.

We provide high quality branded videos at a price of a dinner for two.

Let’s do a little comparison :

The price of a raw stock footage ranges between $60 and $200. And for this price, you are not even getting your branded logo and colours embedded in the video?

No, thanks.

At Brand Motion, the average price of a branded live action video is $67. Our aim is to deliver you top quality video clips which will make your brand stand out from the crowd of competitors by attracting your customers’ attention that is so hard to get nowadays.

The best part is you don’t even need to puzzle over how to make a promo video if you are a complete newbie at this. Our catalog of live action video templates will give you the desired freedom of choice with new video templates being added regularly.

Looking for a good return on investment?

Select video template, place an order and start receiving dividends right away.

We deliver all the videos in 24 – 48 hours time period (sometimes even faster).

Below you can check out our live action promo video templates for different market niches.

Find yours now.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed.