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Are you ready to find your own promotional videos?

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We wanted to give you some helpful tips on how to find a best brand video that will be a winner for your business (*if you are a pro, jump straight to the List of Categories here).

We all know how people usually “scan” video catalog. We’ve been there. We’ve done that.

What you should know is that just by checking out video thumbnails and not going further than the first 5 seconds of the video you are missing out the opportunity to find your masterpiece.

Remember, this is not a video stock. Simple scanning doesn’t work here. Each video clip is a unique piece of production and in order to leverage from that you should put thoughts into the creative process and find a promo video that will suit your brand. How to do that?

Follow these steps:

Step 1.

Go to video page (you need to click on the thumbnail or title).

Step 2.

Read the description (if there is no description yet – it will be up soon).

Step 3.

Watch the whole video in a full-screen mode (using the icon in the lower right corner). Watch it from start to finish without interruptions (allow some time for buffering in case of playback delay).

☛ Pay attention

While watching, pay attention to exclusive features such as: how seamlessly logo fits into surroundings, how organically it is moving, how branded colours interact, how video plot is outlined. Pay attention to details because they matter.

☛ Be creative

It’s an absolute no-brainer when you find a promo video that perfectly suits your needs, but sometimes you might consider not using the whole video, but instead using particular moments from that video. You can do it by cutting off anything extra and focusing on just what you need.

Step 4.

Re-watch the video again.

This time try to imagine how your brand logo, colours, texts and sounds will fit into the picture.

☛ We deliver brand video with audio/voice over, which you can remove optionally (if you don’t need any sound in your video, just let us know when submitting your order details).

Step 5.

Last but not the least – Be Creative!

There are many ways how you can reuse a promo video in your later projects, despite its short length. For instance, you can use particular moments of video as part of your video presentation, vlog, explainer video, product video, and so on. Imagine where and how you could use the promotional video and most likely you will come up with your own creative ideas.

No one knows your brand the way you do.

Those of you who don’t have clarity yet, we’ve got you covered! Just pay attention to the recommendations section in the description – we will be giving you some tips along the way.

Our catalog of live action brand video templates is updated regularly.

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